The Whitmore Legacy (2.15)

Since Ruby died, Daphne has been really upset pretty constantly, so I had to work very hard to cheer her up.

Eventually, I was able to get her feeling a lot better, and thus she was able to have her portrait painted without looking incredibly sad. Loario painted her portrait this time, and it came out really well!

Not as well as this selfie did, though – Minthe and Daphne took it together, and it’s just adorable.

To make things even cuter, I put one copy of the photo up in each of their rooms! Here’s Daphne’s:

And here’s Minthe’s!

I think it’s really cute how well they get along! I also had them play a game of chess together for Minthe’s Aspiration.

In case you’re wondering, Daphne ended up winning despite Minthe being the Whiz Kid. I don’t think Minthe will hold a grudge about that…

Meanwhile, Noelle was outside in the graveyard knitting because she needed to be outside to relieve her Tense moodlet.

Nothing weird here, just knitting in front of your parents’ graves…How very Morticia Addams.

And to make it even more mysterious and spooky, Nia popped out of her grave just at that point. Does knitting summon ghosts? The answer may surprise you…

The two of them then ended up chatting and catching up. I’m so glad that Nia is a more active ghost than she was and it’s not just Ritvik (mostly because he breaks stuff a lot…)

Noelle also joined the Guild of Gamers, who immediately held a meeting at her house. I guess it does have quite a few good things for gamers, but I didn’t actually expect them to all tip up at the house!

But, hey, a Club Gathering is a good thing for Noelle, because it goes towards her aspiration (not that I am generally the best at completing my Sims’ aspirations.)

In other news, I caved and we got a llama! Her name is Izzy, after Izzy Moonbow.

Isn’t she cute? I think she’s going to be an awesome addition to the family, though I do sadly know that Llamas, like all Sims animals, have a lifespan. But we’ll take very good care of Izzy!

Until next time!

The Whitmore Legacy (2.14)

CW: pet death

A bright new sunny day, and Nia invited Noelle to Geek Con! I always find it really funny when ghosts invite you to events, so I said yes, and off they went.

Noelle tried her hand at the tournament, but failed pretty miserably. She still had a lot of fun, though!

While Nia was trying her hand at the games, I spotted another one of my Gallery Sims, Sweetheart Stuart! Nice to see you, Sweet!

Noelle also tried her hand at the Observatory, and managed to find a beautiful print to bring home. I actually really love this one, and I put it in the room where I keep all our random junk (I probably should not have a junk room, but hey, that’s just how it’s happened.) The print is seriously gorgeous though.

Unfortunately, just after this, Ruby passed away. She was in the kitchen when she lay down and didn’t get up.

I was heartbroken, because I love Ruby and we’ve had her since she was small, and the Whitmores came in to see what was going on.

Unfortunately, pleading with Grim didn’t come up as an option for some reason and Ruby now rests with Daisy in the portrait room.

Loario seems to be taking it the hardest, as he went to mourn Ruby almost straight away.

I’ve no doubt she’ll return as a friendly little ghost, but speaking of ghosts, Ritvik came back angry. I don’t exactly know why, but he was glaring at Loario.

Luckily he calmed down after a chat with Noelle – I don’t think we have the time or the money to replace everything that an angry ghost breaks.

Minthe finished her school project despite feeling so sad…

And after that, it was the triple birthday! Hermes and Hephaestus aged up first, and let me tell you, they are the cutest babies!

This is Hephaestus, in an adorable custom sweater…

And this is Hermes!

Hephaestus is the only Spellcaster from the entire bunch, by the way! 1 out of 4 odds, but we do have a potential Spellcaster-As-Heir now. But aren’t they both so cute?

I’m also pretty proud of how I’ve transformed their bedroom. Isn’t the wallpaper cute?

Moving along, it was time for Daphne to age up as well. Loario made her a beautiful blue cake. He looks so proud, haha!

So, here is Daphne Whitmore! I tried to give her more of a classic look, and she more resembles Loario these days. Isn’t it strange how that can happen in the Sims?

She has the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, which is the complete opposite to Minthe, and I actually forget what her trait is, but I’ve decided that I’m going to try and complete both her and Minthe’s Aspirations. Gulp.

So, wish me luck, and I’ll see you again next time!

Daughters of Hesperia – To Move Forward (1.17)

Molpe had not received a letter from her mother in a while, but when she did, it was packed full of advice. Even though she was now a queen leading her own tribe, her mother still seemed to be continuing her lessons.

Molpe found that she didn’t exactly mind that, either. A woman had personally brought the letter, and bowed when she recognised Molpe, so her mother also ensured the safety of the contents.

The letter had been full of interesting and worrying news this time, however. The Juturna tribe, who were close both politically and geographically to the Sirena tribe, had needed to exile a warrior for attempting to kill a man who was set to be exiled himself. No more than that was being talked about, but the exile of one of their sisters was a horrifying thing to happen to a tribe, and Clodia was attempting to find out more, but so far had no luck.

Even more concerning, the princess of a Frankish kingdom had been removed from the palace to that of a different kingdom, supposedly for a betrothal, but according to Queen Clodia, the kingdom looked to be in danger. The Frankish territories were in uproar over a scandal and the kingdom looked to be threatened by the surrounding ones.

As a result, Clodia urged Molpe to increase her defenses, whatever they might be, and to buy men and supplies. The incoming war would likely affect them all, but Molpe needed to encourage the women of the tribe to bear children, and if possible, bear a child herself as soon as she could. It would be better than the children arriving when it happened.

Molpe looked over to Odysseus, laying next to her bed. She knew that he was a tribal son, her own firstborn, and that he was not an heiress. She knew that they all adored him, but that her mother was right. The tribe needed an heiress, and children, and it must survive the upheaval to the north.

And, of course, there was also the matter of Diana, who was slowly picking up Artemisian. However, the fact that she spoke Frankish fluently could only be a bonus, and so despite not having a real role, she would make an excellent assistant to Polgara. If they were to welcome more children, Polgara would indeed need the assistance, and now that Anikka was old enough to learn more, she should be taking lessons in Frankish anyway.

With that in mind, the new nursery that Meda, Pallas, Lukos, and Perseus had been working on would make excellent accommodation for Polgara, Diana, and Marcella. And, heavy as though it made her heart, it would make excellent accommodation for Odysseus. It was only fitting that the children’s quarters house the tribal sons until they were old enough to live separately, but he could not be treated as part of the royal family. If it had been her mother’s son, he would have been taken away immediately to a wet nurse, and he would not have even been allowed near the princesses, but then her mother was more established than she was.

Molpe sighed as she walked over to Odysseus’ cot, picking him up and cradling him gently.

“I love you, my son,” she whispered to him. “I love you more than you will ever know.”

* * *

When Meda received the summons, she knew what it must mean for Molpe to wish to speak with her and her alone. After all, what other issue could there be? The large building that she had helped with had nearly been completed, the plants were growing beautifully, and she doubted that the queen wished to discuss the bees with her.

She walked in to the cool shade of the throne room, and steeled herself for the conversation she knew must be coming.

As Molpe saw her, she rose from her throne, where she seemed to have been waiting.

“Meda. I hope your journey was pleasant?”

“Yes, my queen.”

“I think you must know what I wish to speak about.”

Meda nodded, not knowing whether she ought to speak yet or not, but eventually Molpe spoke again.

“Were it up to me, and had my hand not been forced, I should have liked this to be more natural, but I am afraid that I need you to make a choice between the men.” Molpe looked slightly sombre as she spoke. “If you have a preference, you must tell me, and if not…well, you must choose one.”

“Why has your hand been forced, my queen?” Meda asked, softly.

“We must ready ourselves for shortages of many things. The Frankish kingdoms will be going through some upheaval, and may even go to war. Many of the merchants who come here are Frankish, and there is no telling what desperation will do. It is spring, and we must start readying ourselves for the winter we know is to come.” Molpe smiled, a little sadly. “I should have wished it to be an endless summer, but I need our tribe to be stronger, and for that, I need it to be larger and more prepared.”

Meda had not expected this, any of this, but she understood what Molpe meant. At the moment, the tribe could not survive a war if it was simply nearby, and if it affected the traders, they would certainly have a horrible time of it.

“I understand. My preference…my preference is Perseus.”

“I ask you to do what you must as soon as possible, then.” Molpe’s sad smile remained on her face. “The new nursery will be put to good use, so ensure everything is as it should be.”

“Yes, my queen.” Meda wished that she could hug the other woman, but instead, she bowed. “I will serve your wishes.”

“Thank you, Meda.” Molpe sighed. “It is not just you, either, who must do this. I must ask Diana, and also…I must try to bear our princess as soon as I can.”

“But, my queen, would that not require more men than we can spare?” Meda asked, gently.

“Yes. I intend to spare Diana from this as much as possible, but she and Polgara go to the ports tomorrow for that purpose. I must do everything I can to protect the tribe.” Molpe looked saddened, but turned back to the throne. “You may go, Meda. May the Goddess bless you.”

“May she watch over you, my queen.” Meda turned and left, her mind racing over everything she had been told.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.13)

As I mentioned a little while back, I wanted Noelle and Loario to get married, and so I decided it was better to do this while we still had only two children to worry about. I paid the fee, and selected the Von Haunt estate as our venue, seeing as it’s one of my favourite and most romantic locations in the game.

First, Noelle’s little family (all looking stunning, of course…)

Then the guests! This is the only time you see them, sadly, because I did this while offline and a few things went weird with the game. But they were there, I just have no clue what they were doing during the ceremony.

Both sisters-in-law and their eldest children arrived, Cali looking way happier to be there than Lea did.

And of course, Noelle’s brothers! Guys, you really should have been there for the ceremony…

It was then time for Noelle and Loario to say their vows, and honestly, it was so picturesque.

Congratulations, both of you! Then, it was time to pick up the kids and go home.

After everyone got home, I realised that by my own little rule set, Minthe should have her portrait painted, so I had her sit for it and Noelle painted it.

And here is Minthe’s portrait hanging up next to Noelle’s! I think Noelle did a beautiful job.

Shortly after this, Noelle went into labour, and had twins. Just as I’d pretty much expected…

Meet Hermes Whitmore…

And Hephaestus Whitmore!

Still naming them after Lore Olympus characters, yes. I know, I know.

The boys will share their birthday with Daphne this time around, which is kind of cool, because it means all three will age up at once! I’m genuinely looking forward to it.

Minthe and Daphne still get along as well as they did when Minthe was also a toddler, of course.

Speaking of Minthe, she’s doing really well in school! She completed her project on time, and has been doing her homework regularly. I’m trying to get her to being an ‘A’ student as soon as I can.

Back on the topic of aging up, Loario’s birthday rolled around right after the twins were born. I guess being a parent really does age you…

As always, I gave him a fantastic makeover in CAS, and I think he ended up looking pretty spiffy, don’t you? I really wanted to make him a bit more dad-like. I think I succeeded.

(Also I just love the knitted foxes.)

Until next time!

Daughters of Hesperia – Diana (1.16)

They all called her Diana here, and somehow, she felt at home with it, even if she knew of their customs and ways and did not feel at home with them. Her own daughter knew her as Diana, although of course Marcella called her Mama, and ran to her whenever she saw her.

Polgara was kind, and Meda, who she had now met, seemed pleasant too, but Molpe was regal in a very familiar way, and she felt a little afraid of her. Of course the Amazonian queens could not know her mother, but she was still afraid of being sent back home.

She had failed her goal by now, too. Sometimes, as she went to sleep, she felt tears roll down her face and dampen her pillow. She knew the fate that her poor beloved must have met, and it was not as if she could bring him back here even if he was still alive. She had dreamed of rescuing him, finding him somehow, of their love winning above everything else. Of Marcella growing up in the light of their love, of their union somehow working despite everything.

But what she had dreamed…it was just that, a dream, one that faded in the light of reality. She was a mother with a child, and the trip had been long and not without danger, and even when they reached the area, she had no way of finding him. She was lucky to have even found the tribe, luckier still to have been accepted by them.

No, not just accepted. She was part of the tribe now. She’d taken the oath.

Her status here was odd, though. Meda and Polgara seemed to have set jobs, while the men she had seen treated them with respect. They showed her respect too, but she had not been asked to do anything except learn the language.

“Polgara…” Diana looked at the other woman as they sat by the bonfire’s pit. “What am I here?”

I do not understand.”

I am not you, I am not Meda…I am not like you. Marcella is a child, but I am not like the others. What am I?”

Polgara did not seem to understand it all, but at the same time, looked sympathetic.

You are of Hesperia. But you are…” She seemed to be searching for the word. “I do not know the word. A woman…but not a warrior?”

Diana felt flustered at the answer. It felt almost as though she was being described badly, but Polgara did not seem to care too much.

“My apologies…” She said the words slowly. “I…am…”

“You are not a warrior.” Polgara smiled. “We are warriors.”

“I am…not a warrior?” Diana said. The word, as far as she knew, meant ‘woman’, but also something more.

“Here. Not a warrior here.” Polgara put a hand over her own heart, and Diana slowly felt some understanding. Even though she was of Hesperia, she was not the same as them, the women who had been raised in this world that seemed so strange to her. She was not like them.

But in a way, she felt a little absolved by Polgara’s attitude. There seemed to be no blame laid at her door.

I am not a warrior like you. You are a warrior.”

Yes. You are not a warrior, but you are a woman.” Polgara seemed pleased as she spoke the words in Diana’s own language, and Diana felt a little flush of shame at how well Polgara seemed to grasp the language while Diana spoke Artemisian as well as Marcella did. In time, Marcella would speak it better than she did, she knew.

Would Marcella even remember their old life? Did she even know who she was?

Tell me who you are.”

This was one of Polgara’s exercises for her to do as often as she could, and it was a hard one, because Polgara kept adding more to it. It had started simple, but grew more complex as Polgara expected her to learn more.

I am Diana of Hesperia.” She let the practiced words roll off her tongue. “I am mother to Marcella. I serve Queen Molpe.”

And?” Now they got to the embarrassing part, the sort of thing you taught children.

“I like the colour green. I like to read. Polgara is my friend.”

Tell me about Marcella.”

“Marcella is my daughter. She is two years old. She likes…” Diana broke off. “How do I say that she likes to play with shells? This is so hard, Polgara.”

But needed. You must learn.” Polgara gave her a winning smile, and then looked at Marcella, who was starting to fuss.

She needs to sleep.” Diana picked her daughter up, looking apologetically to Polgara.

She does,” Polgara agreed, readily, and smiled. “Attend to her. I should be attending to the princess soon.” She waved Diana off. “Do the exercise again when she sleeps.”

And so, once more, Diana found herself back in the nursery, her daughter happily curled up and asleep on the makeshift bed. According to the queen, the men were working on putting together a large hut for them that would double as a sort of schoolroom, as there was no such thing in the small palace they resided in.

Molpe’s plan was that Diana should live there, and that Anikka should be brought there for some of her lessons. More than that was still to be decided, but soon, they would have a real place to stay, rather than the nursery. Diana couldn’t help but be grateful to her Queen.

Everything hinged on keeping her daughter safe now. Even if Marcella would grow up Hesperian, she would still be safe, hidden away from those who might cause her harm. Even if Diana had lost everything, she was still determined Marcella would have the happiest life she could.

She can never know, Diana thought to herself. She can never know who we are and where we came from.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.12)

So remember I said Daphne and Minthe have been getting along? That’s been continuing, and I really just wanted to get some cute shots in before Minthe gets older. I set up a play tent in the portrait room, because wow, that piece of furniture is quite big, but both girls are quite happy to play there.

I also love this picture of them babbling to each other in front of the portraits! It looks like Nia’s watching over them. I mean, she is, but as a ghost.

Moving along to Noelle news, she’s been pretty uncomfortable with this pregnancy, so I sent her to Henford-on-Bagley. I’d not really explored there much before, and it had a festival coming up, so I wanted to test the waters. I had Noelle invite her brothers and as much of their family as possible to go along with her. As always, Rowan was happy to see her! (They actually became Best Friends when she went to his house!)

There was a lot of small things going on at the Llama Fair, but I wanted Noelle to check out the two stalls just a bit away from it. They had a LOT of cool stuff! We got more things for the garden, and met Agnes, who was very pleased with the amount of money Noelle spent. (I was kind of dazzled enough by all the new things that we did end up spending a lot.)

The other Whitmores spent most of their time socialising – I can’t believe how grown up Tabitha is these days! Seriously, Sims grow up so fast…

Noelle also got to pet a Llama, and seemed to get along with it so much that I’m genuinely considering getting one for the household (not right now, but maybe later?)

So all in all, the Finchwick Llama fair was a huge success! We now have a patch outside for most of the plants we bought while there, and I think that’ll really help boost things. As always, I’m expanding the garden bit by bit!

But remember I said Minthe was getting older? Well…she aged up!

Loario made her birthday cake, and helped her blow out the candles. She’s so cute in this photo!

And here she is, Minthe Whitmore, the eldest child! She really is a lot like her dad, don’t you think?

She has the Child of the Islands trait, and the Whiz Kid aspiration. I always have trouble with the Whiz Kid aspiration, honestly.

Just before I wrap this up, I want to show off Minthe’s room, which is a newly built room upstairs (the nursery being nearly in use!) that I take a bit of pride in.

I really love it, frankly!

Until next time!

Three of Hearts (1.4)

Going on holiday was not going to be easy. Liberty wished she was better at saying no to her best friend, but really, how could she? She hated upsetting Summer.

Before, things had been way easier. They’d had a balanced dynamic, at least…But all that was long gone now. She wasn’t the person who used to live in the house, nor was she the girl free to do anything that she had been. Now, her life pretty much revolved around Robyn, and while she wouldn’t have it any other way, she couldn’t deny that it meant she’d changed.

She sighed, feeling grateful that Robyn was at least at daycare and that she could have something of a relaxing day. At the moment, she was out in town and more than a little hungry, so she headed into one of the local cafes.

“Liberty?” a somewhat unfamiliar voice asked, with a little bit of delight.

She turned to see the familiar figure of Anna, and her eyes widened.

“Oh!” she said, before she could stop herself.

“I knew it was you! I suppose little Robyn is at daycare with my Dakota! I can’t believe I ran into you here, that’s just amazing!” Anna laughed. “I hardly see you outside of pickup!”

“Yes, um, that’s true.” Liberty gave her a smile.

“Gosh, I was almost beginning to think you lived at the daycare. Today’s the picnic, isn’t it? Dakota was so excited for it. Sit with me!” It wasn’t quite the plea it sounded like, and Liberty could recognise a popular girl when she saw one.

“Oh, I couldn’t interrupt your afternoon…”

“Don’t be silly! Order something and sit down. I was wanting to chat with you anyway!” Everything about her was almost unsettlingly light-hearted.

But Liberty relented, ordering a pastry and a coffee before sitting down with Anna.

“I wanted to meet you because you’re Robyn’s mom.” Anna smiled at her. “Dakota is just so happy to have a friend like her, he talks about her all the time!”

Liberty smiled nervously. She knew Robyn and Dakota and Gideon all played together, but she’d never had something like this happen because of it.

“It’s so sweet, don’t you think?” Anna carried on. “I was wondering if perhaps Dakota could come over for a play date with Robyn, actually. He misses her when he’s not at daycare, honestly, and I don’t really get any time to myself.”

Ah. So that was it, Liberty thought to herself.

“Of course Dakota can come over. I’ve actually got Gideon and Summer coming over tomorrow if you want to drop him off around one?” she said, smiling as much as she could. After all, all three kids did get along, and she didn’t exactly mind.

“Oh, perfect!” Anna lit up with a glowing smile. “Liberty, you really are so kind!” She looked almost like she might hug Liberty for a minute, before the moment passed and she gave her another smile instead.

“No problem. Like you said, they’re friends.”

“Exactly.” Anna looked relieved. “Oh, I wanted to ask you, how well do you know Alice Spencer-Kim? I mean, I remember Eric from high school…” She giggled here, leading Liberty to wonder exactly how well she knew Eric. “But I’ve never met Alice until she came to pick-up with him.”

“Um, well, Alice is lovely. She’s really sweet.”

“She seems lovely.” Anna smiled, and Liberty got a strange shiver down her back that passed when her pastry arrived at the table.

“Oh, they just have the nicest food here, don’t they? They do babyccinos too, it’s the cutest thing. Thanks for the recommendation!”

That was right, wasn’t it? She vaguely remembered Anna asking about the best places to take toddlers in the group chat, and she’d been among the people who had replied. She felt oddly pleased that Anna had taken her up on that.

“No worries, it’s just so nice here and I figured you and Dakota would like it.”

“Oh, we do!” Anna said, smiling widely. “He loves it, and it’s always such a fun time, plus I can take him to the library after. Isn’t their playroom just the best?”

“Yes, Robyn loves it! They have so many good activities for kids, too.” Liberty couldn’t help herself as she started talking more about the library. “They have this really amazing staff who go all out, ever since I was a kid. I used to spend so much time there, you have no idea.”

“Really? I want to hear it all!” Anna said, leaning forward.

Maybe she’d misjudged Anna a little bit, Liberty thought, as she began happily telling the other woman all about the libraries. She seemed friendly enough, didn’t she?

The Whitmore Legacy (2.11)

Apparently having kids isn’t a reprieve from being challenged to a magical duel, because Lea phoned up Noelle and challenged her to a duel. Given that I was a teensy bit bored, Noelle agreed, and flew off to meet Lea.

Noelle looked happy to be there, but I guess Lea might be a little bit sour over losing the legacy to Noelle (she was one of the candidates to be the Spouse of the next generation, after all) and so both ladies got ready to duel.

Noelle, in the red corner, with a wand!

And…Lea in the blue corner with her hands. Okay.

Noelle didn’t actually seem to want to play fair, as Lea got knocked to her feet a few times before the battle proper began. Then, it was a contest of wills…

And a free flying lesson for Lea. Noelle really wasn’t playing fair!

She even gloated a little at winning, but hey, Lea challenged her. Oh well! Maybe she won’t hold a grudge?

Back home, things were less magical. Daphne broke the dollshouse in a fit of rage, so while Loario took her off for a bath, Noelle ended up repairing the thing by hand. Sigh.

After Daphne’s bath, she was put to bed and encouraged to sleep. She really is adorable, but I hope this is the only time she decides to break the dollshouse…

Mind you, I can tell you right now that she probably picked it up from her grandmother.

Even though I watched Nia smash the castle, I couldn’t believe she’d do that! I was so shocked, and clearly she’s taught Daphne bad habits…

Moving on, I finally did it! Noelle had her portrait painted by Loario, and isn’t it a beauty? I love it when these portraits come out in excellent quality. It’s now hung up in the portrait room, titled Noelle Whitmore, Heiress. As each of the children reach the child stage, I’ll have photos of them surrounding her, just like Nia’s portrait has, but right now I’m just stunned by how beautiful this picture is!

And the model herself was upstairs playing princesses with Minthe, of course. Look at this adorable picture.

As for Loario, I’ve been having him take care of the garden and levelling up a lot of his creative skills. Between the garden and the art, the household manages to pay its bills without having to really worry about bills.

Last but not least…After a very satisfying Love Day, Noelle is pregnant again! I’ll be upfront and say that I saved up and purchased the Fertile trait for her beforehand, so it could be multiple babies. She was so excited to tell Loario!

So that’s it until next time! I look forward to tomorrow’s update!

Daughters of Hesperia – Under Our Shield (1.15)

Polgara had been surprised when a woman in Frankish dress had been brought to her, but she’d been quick to do as the queen had instructed, moving Odysseus through to the Queen’s bedchamber immediately and setting up temporary beds for the two of them in the royal nursery. An upside down table had made a beautiful bed for Marcella, and Diana had sighed with relief to see their efforts.

She had even gone into her own clothing and offered the woman something clean to wear, which Diana had been very grateful for, and once changed, she looked much happier.

“I wish we had clean clothes for your daughter.” Polgara had smiled at Marcella, who was yawning. “But I can bring you water and a cloth so you may bathe.

Diana had looked grateful, and nodded, sweeping Marcella off to bed and wishing Polgara goodnight.

But now Polgara was in her own room, and thinking about it all. Why had this Frankish woman come to them? According to Pallas, Diana would decide whether to stay with them permanently or not in the morning, but women wearing clothes like that did not often come through the ports, if ever. In fact, Polgara had only seen the noble ladies of the Frankish courts wearing such dresses, but then if she was rich, why was she here, clutching a child and bedraggled?

Polgara decided then and there that this woman was most likely a servant, and her clothes were likely stolen. The important thing now was that at least for tonight, they would be able to rest.

* * *

I wish to stay.

Molpe looked with surprise at the young woman. Marcella had been left with Polgara to eat breakfast alongside Anikka, while Odysseus slept in Molpe’s own bedchamber.

Only Diana stood before her, with a fragile confidence to her, but with a smile on her face.

You wish to be part of our tribe?” Molpe asked, gently.

“We have nowhere to go. I wish to stay.” Diana looked a little too determined, and Molpe could see a sort of desperation in her eyes.

“You are sure of this?”


Molpe nodded her head. It made sense, if they had no other hope. Most Frankish women viewed the Amazons as barbaric, and would have sooner thrown themselves upon the mercy of wolves, given what she knew of them from her mother, but Diana had Marcella to think about. Molpe was offering them food, shelter, and protection, and so Diana was making the best decision for her daughter. It was a sensible one, no matter how it made Diana herself feel.

You will make the promise to me as your Queen.”

Promise?” Diana looked confused, but nodded.

Repeat after me. We will say it slowly. I, Diana…”

“I, Diana…”

“Take an oath.”

“Take…an oath.”

“To serve and protect my queen, Molpe of Hesperia, first of her name.”

“To serve and protect my queen, Molpe of Hesperia…”

Like this, they made their way through the oath, Diana stumbling through the unfamiliar language at points, but doing an admirable job. Marcella, of course, would have been too young for such an oath, and children like her, as far as Molpe knew, simply grew up in the tribe and never needed to swear an oath.

Once they were through with the oath, Molpe allowed herself to smile.

Welcome, Diana. You have promised to protect and serve me, to respect the Goddess, and protect my family and your sisters.”

Diana jumped when she said sisters, but Molpe continued to explain.

Every woman here is your sister, and I am your Queen.”

So…I am…”

Under the shield of my tribe.” Molpe looked at her, with no small relief. “As of now, you are Hesperian.”

Thank you, your Highness.”

Molpe looked at her, sizing her up. What role could she be given, exactly? It was not as though she was trained, nor could she speak their language, so she wouldn’t understand if given an order by anyone but Molpe herself or Polgara. She sighed.

For now, you shall go with Polgara, and attend to your daughter. Focus on learning, and then I shall give you a role once you are ready. But for now, the two of you can rest easy. You are safe here.”

Yes, your Highness.” Diana smiled at her. In Polgara’s clothes, she really did look more Hesperian already.

Well, the Goddess had sent Diana to her, and so Diana would stay. With time, she would become more and more part of the tribe, and her daughter would grow up Hesperian under their wings.

Molpe could only hope she had chosen the right path.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.10)

Well, it’s the moments you’ve all been waiting for! So much happened this time around, it was really a blast!

First off, we had Nia coming back in her cold-weather outfit and gloomily floating around. A lot of my ghosts turn up in the different colours, but Nia being sad definitely made my heart ache.

Talking to Loario cheered her up though, and I like to think that maybe he was telling her all about her granddaughters and brand-new baby Daphne, who as a ghost she’ll actually get to see! So things aren’t all that bad.

Noelle got to speak to her mother as well, which I was relieved by because when Nia first popped up, Noelle was asleep, and I was convinced she was going to miss the spectral visit (dun dun dun) but she did, in fact, end up waking up and coming downstairs completely autonomously.

And Minthe got to hug her nanna again! Look at this pure cuteness. Not even death stops this lady from cuddling her granddaughter.

Speaking of reunions, Noelle went to visit Rowan and his new family again, meeting up with Cali and having just the greatest time. I did take a lot of photos, but Noelle took a selfie with her brother that I think is probably the best one.

I’m thinking it might be nice to have a small portrait of Loario painted by Noelle, and then get Loario to skill up so that Noelle can have a beautiful portrait soon. I love painting portraits of my Legacy family! I still love Nia’s beautiful portrait, but as a full fledged heiress, Noelle needs a portrait too.

Daphne aged up, and looks so much like her mother! I had so much fun dressing her in the newest things I have from the latest expansion pack, because they’re just SO CUTE on toddlers.

Noelle also adores her mini-me, and I got such a good photo of them together. Look at this! I really love the new clothing for toddlers, it’s so cute!

Minthe and Daphne get along really well, and surprisingly quietly to boot! Maybe because Daphne is that bit younger than Minthe…

I also decided that given that they now had two children together, it was probably time for Loario and Noelle to maybe think about getting married. So, Loario popped the question…

And I think that’s a yes!

She jumped into his arms afterwards, and I’ve decided to actually throw a wedding this time around and invite their family and friends. I have a feeling it’ll be a lot of fun!

Until next time!