The Whitmore Legacy (2.3)

Guess what, we had a birthday! I know things seem to be speeding by, but Noelle is still a teenager, so there’s not much I can do at the moment. However, Nia has finally become an Elder!

First, Ritvik autonomously made her a cake, which was the sweetest thing ever – look at this man remembering his wife’s birthday even when he’s dead! Look how proud he is!

They also flirted for a bit, because they always do.


Tada! Nia Whitmore, the Elder!

I think she’s still pretty cute, though! One step closer to a reunion with Ritvik, however….

But I really love how she looks. Thank you, Snowy Escape! (It’s got a lot of my favourite fashions.) I’m also able to spend a little more time letting her do what she wants, although she still has a job.

By the by, Rowan is completely devoted to baby Poplar. Look at him being such a devoted dad! This is such a cute picture!

However, it wasn’t long after Nia’s birthday that Poplar’s rolled around! He’s so cute, and the Whitmore genetics are definitely strong…He looks so much like his father! This could almost be baby Rowan, I swear.

And Nia loves him too! She’s a doting grandmother, and I’ll have to see if I can invite the babies around at the same time for a playdate in the future!

So with Poplar grown up, Cali and Rowan have moved out into the Chauhan household, leaving Nia, Ruby, and Noelle in the very, very big house.

Noelle still has the curse, which is a bit of a problem as it means she can’t really do magic, but I’ll be looking for the potion on Plopsy. We still have our indoor garden, which is helping out majorly when it comes to providing funds, and I’m really enjoying the new features that have come along with Dream Home Decorator, which a friend kindly bought for me as a gift. Nia has decided she likes Writing, and I just think it’s amazing that Sims can develop their own likes and dislikes now!

Harvestfest rolled around again, and Power Conservation hit at the same time…

But later in the evening Rowan swung by to see how his mother and sister were doing (Noelle is going through a Distant phase, but Nia was delighted to see him!)

Noelle was also challenged to a duel by Morgyn Ember, who is also now an elder, and OOF, Noelle, that poor man! (She won!)

Next time, we have some exciting changes coming up, so watch this space!

Daughters of Hesperia – A Royal Visit (1.11)

Meda was checking the hive earlier than usual, preparing for the visit of the royal sisters and Polgara. She had not really met Anikka, and wanted to ensure that everything was perfect for their visit. Of course, she would warn both the princess and the queen to be wary of the hive, as she did not want to lose even a single worker bee.

“It is unusual for you to be up and about so early.”

Meda turned away from the hive with a smile.

Perseus stood a short distance away. Since they had spoken, he had seemingly made a conscious effort to behave himself, and while he still did not act with the decorum that Lukos did, he behaved in an acceptable enough manner. Meda had to admit she was impressed.

“Are you truly worried about this visit? I am sure everything will be to the taste of the queen, Gatherer Meda.”

“I am simply making sure everything is ready. But I would be grateful if you would see about preparing some of the herbs to send back to the palace, and store them in my quarters.”

Perseus nodded, and walked away, while Lukos came up behind her.

“Do you wish us to meet the queen today, my lady?” he asked, quietly.

“No, for she comes with the princess. Were it just for the queen, I might wish to introduce the two of you so that she might get to know both of you, but this is ostensibly an educational trip for the princess. It would be…desirable for the two of you to spend as much time on other tasks as possible, or even to go swimming.” A bee buzzed around her dress, and she let it, staying as still as possible.

“Understood, my lady.” Lukos smiled. “I know our queen is protective of the princess, and I would not wish to worry her.”

As Anikka had been confined to the palace and its grounds and placed under supervision, visiting the garden compound was a rare treat. She had been taken with the idea of Evadne, and her cloak of flowers, and she wondered what their own Gatherer was like.

When she had been informed that Molpe would be coming with them, she had not known how to feel. Still, it was not as though she could argue with her sister more than she already had, and she was not even sure that she wanted to.

But as soon as they arrived, she forgot her worries, racing ahead of the party to look around the small garden, amazed at how the plants were blooming.

It was not just the plants, either, but the lush scenery. A waterfall gushed behind the compound, and the sea was closer than it was at the palace. Should Anikka wish, she could easily go paddling, and the heavy smell of greenery almost overwhelmed her.

“Princess Anikka!” Polgara caught up with her, a smile on her face. “Princess, you must not rush off like that.”

“This place is so beautiful!” Anikka was unable to stop herself. “It smells so lovely, and the sea is so close…”

“It is very lovely. Meda and the men worked very hard on making it the perfect place to raise the plants we need. See how they are in boxes? That is so they can grow in soil, even here, and be looked after perfectly. Sand can be a good place to grow plants, but it is not always so.”

“And I can hear the bees!”

“Meda has asked us not to get too close to the bees, Princess Anikka. They do not know us, and so may be afraid. Why not look at all of the plants? I am sure they will not be so defensive.”

As Anikka ran off to do so, Polgara watched her with a fond smile.

It was not a secret that she was happy to care for her ward, and she had found her a very engaging child. To see her having so much fun felt so rewarding.

Meanwhile, Meda and Molpe were walking together, the queen now slower in her walk due to her pregnancy.

“The bees seem to be settling in well, my queen, and I do not see any sign of a rival queen yet, so we should have an uneventful summer here.” Meda smiled. “They are happily producing honey, and helping with the garden. In fact, they have taken to the change better than I could have hoped.”

“And the men?” Molpe asked, quietly.

“Much like the bees, my queen. They have settled in very nicely.” Meda smiled. “They have been a great help to me, and I know that we will bring in good harvests for the tribe.”

Molpe paused. So far as she knew, Meda had not yet formed an attachment with either man, although as an Amazon, she was well within her rights to. However, with a tribe so small, she could see why her Gatherer was more focused on her duty rather than anything else.

She smiled at Meda, confidingly.

“You know, you have not told me much of them, still. I know only what I have heard from the men in the royal compound, and they are quick to tell me that Lukos and Perseus are working hard, but not much of their personalities.”

“Well, they both work hard, and at the moment there is so much groundwork…but Lukos is very dutiful, while Perseus is slightly more lighthearted.” Meda seemed to be careful with her words, and looked puzzled. “May I ask why you wish to know about them, my queen?”

“Meda, they likely will end up as fathers one day. Getting to know them, even by proxy, will be of use to me.” Molpe stifled a laugh. “And I must admit, I want to know which you may pick. Call it entertainment, if you must, but I am curious.”

“Queen Molpe…”

“I understand you are not thinking of it at the moment, Meda, but it is interesting to think that you may end up choosing one of them. My mother and her best friend used to place bets sometimes on who would choose which man, and I suppose I see the amusement of it now.”

Before Meda could answer, Polgara and Anikka came up to them, with Anikka excited.

“I recognised some of the plants!” she announced, proudly.

“Indeed. The princess has been paying attention in her studies.” Polgara smiled warmly. “She recognised them just from seeing them in the books, my queen, and was even able to list off some of the uses.”

Anikka seemed a little unsure, but Molpe smiled down at her. “Anikka, that’s wonderful! You clearly have worked hard.”

“I have!” In her excitement, Anikka seemed to forget her awkwardness. “We have been studying plants so that I would be prepared for the trip, and I have been learning so much! Polgara said that some of what was in the books is for Gatherers to reference, but that some plants are useful because you can make poultices for wounds out of them. She said I can learn to make some in our lessons next week!”

“A poultice is a useful thing to learn for any warrior, and yet more useful if you can find the plant.” Molpe looked to Polgara with approval. Learning to make treatments was a good lesson for any young woman, especially one who would be nearing the age where she would start to begin more strenuous training.

“Why don’t you show me the gardens?” Molpe asked her sister. “I should like to see the plants that you know, if you should like to show them to me.”

Anikka seemed slightly hesitant, but nodded, turning and walking back slowly towards the gardens. Molpe followed behind her, smiling as she looked at her younger sister.

Certainly, she seemed brighter since Polgara had arrived. Her energy seemed to have blossomed, and her enthusiasm was lovely to see, though she was still unsure around Molpe. But seeing her so happy was a delight to the queen’s heart.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.2)

So, it turns out that if your Sim messes around with the cauldron, they get a Glimmerstone. Now, I could have just destroyed it, but honestly, Scruberoo and Repairo are really useful spells, especially as Ritvik haunts and breaks things a lot…

So, I sent Noelle to Glimmerbrook.

Once there, she approached the Sage of Practical Magic.

And of course, was sent to collect motes.

She was successful in her quest, and congratulations to the legacy, because Noelle is now a Spellcaster! I’ll be going into practical magic with her, because I think it would be a useful branch of magic for a parent later down the line.

She ended up duelling someone after a day or so, which was fun. I think she got challenged by someone who was also a teen?

But in the end, Noelle won!

She was quite smug in victory, in my opinion.

So, Noelle is on her way to becoming a powerful sorceress! I’m really loving Glimmerbrook at the moment, anyway. It’s something you can spend aages exploring.

In other news, Tabitha aged up, and wow, does she ever look like her dad!

Her uncle is still one of her favorite people, too!

And of course, Nia adores her granddaughter. It’s still so strange to me that Nia has a granddaughter, even though this is all down to me. She was just a young adult at the start of all this!

But, as per my previous stipulation, I moved Lea, Luca, and Tabby out into the Ember household. The house needs to be a bit emptier, and it’s only getting emptier from here. I’ll still see them from time to time, but I’m set on this now.

Nia will stick around, but both boys will be moving out, as their sister is the heir. Speaking of which, Cali moved in, and she and Rowan were expecting a baby! Nia looks so smug in the background, now.

I guess Rowan decided he needed to workout as a result?

Also, Noelle is currently cursed. How do you get rid of that? I tried sending her to talk to a Sage, but essentially, her spells are all going wrong at the minute. Darn. I guess my plan for fixing and cleaning things has drawbacks.

Luca invited Rowan to the Spice Festival, and they got to see each other again! I feel like we’re going to see them less and less as time goes on, but that’s just how it goes with Legacy spares.

Cali joined him later on, too. As you can see in this screenshot, she’s pretty preggo.

She’s also a fire hazard, apparently, because she set the oven on fire by mistake while cooking.

Noelle looks super annoyed here. Well, I’d be annoyed too if I just inherited a legacy and someone tried to burn down my new house.

Not long after that, Cali went into labour, and we’ve officially welcomed Poplar Whitmore to the family – our first boy of the next generation! Again, like Tabitha, he’s not a potential heir, but I like that the tree name thing is continuing.

So, when he ages up to a toddler, they’ll move in with Cali’s family – I realised it was far easier to move Cali’s family to be ‘in world’ rather than save up and by them a house. I think he’ll look more like his mother, truth be told, but I don’t know – Tabitha overrode the Ember and Proserpin genes to look JUST like her dad, so maybe the Whitmores have those strong genes.

Stay tuned, and I’ll be updating again soon!

The Whitmore Legacy (2.1)

The results are in, folks – Miss Noelle Whitmore is the winner of the polls! I ran the polls over on the forums, and she was very popular.

However, as she’s still a teen and quite a way away from aging up, I’m not moving Luca, Rowan, or Lea out just yet. Instead, I’m going to focus on them a little bit for the time being. With Lea moved in and Cali coming over, the boys are set to create ‘cadet branches’, which will then merge with the rest of the NPCs.

I’m also not ready to let them go just yet, if I’m honest!

So, for the first announcement of our second generation…Lea and Luca are expecting a baby!

I downloaded a pose pack for this, and it crashed my game (so I had to get rid of all my pose packs, sadly) but this shot was so, so worth it. That’s right – we’ve got the first baby of the second generation on the way! As Luca didn’t end up as the heir, the baby won’t be in the heir pool, but I’m still super excited.

Speaking of Luca, he’s becoming a very successful artist! He’s been selling paintings to the art gallery, and I’ve basically been having him work very hard, as at least one couple will need to move into a brand new home (I don’t want to just send them to a new household without a physical location.)

It also means he’s been getting promoted very quickly at work, which I’m thankful for!

Nia also got promoted to a Botanist at work, and she’s really bringing home some nice money as well as showing off her gardening skills! I think it suits her, somehow.

I renovated the spare room to serve as a nursery, too. We really ought to build more rooms and give the house a makeover, but I figure I can do that when Noelle becomes an adult, so it more matches her style! Plus, we are really saving up at the moment…so, uh, collection nursery. (Sorry, future baby.)

Rowan’s birthday swung around really quickly, too – I think when I stopped playing for the polls his birthday was two days away! So, I had Lea make him a Winter Cake…

And, tada! Rowan aged up into the goofy, hand-knit man he now is! He’s even knitted a baby onesie for the expectant couple, something his brother absolutely loved.

As for Noelle, I decided to have her join the Paragons for her Aspiration! I’m not sure I still like the swimwear I picked for her, though.

But she really brought home the crown! As in, she managed to convince Siobhan to step down and let her lead the Paragons. I am AMAZED.

I also had her invite Cali to join Paragons, because, you know, it’s wiser to keep it in the family! So, now they chat whenever Cali comes over, even when Luca is just trying to paint.

Speaking of people who come over…Alice showed up out of the blue and was really surprised by Lea and her baby bump! I suppose it must be weird, given that she knew Luca when he was a toddler!

Lea also broke the news to her family during a visit – her mother invited her over, and it’s actually a good chance to show you all where Luca and Lea will be living in the future (yes, they’re moving in with Lea’s parents!), so I took a bunch of screenshots.

Here’s Lea with her siblings – her brother, Royce, who takes after Jenny, and her sister, Cassiel, who is the spitting image of Morgyn!

Morgyn was waiting inside the flat, as this is actually the first time any of them have heard of Lea’s pregnancy (because of how Sims works.)

Jenny, my beloved Jenny, was so happy to see her daughter! I mean, she still has two teenagers living at home, but still! She looks so wise here, and I’m so glad to have her in this game. (She was, after all, my first Sim, so I’m very attached to her and always will be.)

By the way, Nia and Ritvik are still lovebirds! Here’s Nia reading him some love poetry, because they’re adorable, with Noelle escaping the love fest in the background.

And, of course, because it’s me, I wouldn’t end on a low note! Lea went into labour a little while after this!

She looks just as happy as Nia used to.

But it was absolutely worth it, because after some time pushing, we had the lovely Tabitha Whitmore, the first baby of the second generation, and the very first grandchild!

Nia is besotted, by the way, and dressed Tabby up in a knitted onesie as soon as she could. Tabby gave her the most beautiful smile, and I just love this picture.

And of course, her uncle is a big softie too!

So, my plan for Luca and Lea is that once Tabitha ages up into a toddler, they’ll move in with the Ember family. I’m really excited that we have the first grandchild, and the first of this generation’s children, even if Tabitha can’t be an heiress. I’m just so excited!

Next episode, I’ll be showing more about Noelle, with a magical surprise! (Don’t mess around with cauldrons!)

Daughters of Hesperia – Myths and the Truth (1.10)

At the main compound, it had been a quiet day.

With Molpe now undeniably with child, Polgara was keeping an eye on her queen as much as possible while still spending most of her time with Anikka. To her relief, the young girl loved stories and very much liked the history of queens. Anything new she could learn excited her, and they had spent this day going over the myths of Hercules. Of course, every girl was taught the myth of Hippolyta resisting Hercules’ attempts to kidnap her as a cautionary tale, but the Taygetian tale of Hercules trying to kidnap an animal sacred to the Goddess, given to her by the nymph who founded the tribe, was somewhat less widely known.

But now, the sun was sinking into the waves, and outside, Septimus was lighting the fire. Polgara began to finish their lesson, knowing that soon, she must put the princess to bed

“Did the sacred hind really get taken by Hercules?” Anikka asked, as she washed her face with a strip of cloth.

“After the Goddess healed its wounds, yes. Remember, she lay a curse upon it that were it not to return, Hercules would feel the pain of every animal he had ever hunted upon his own body. The animal came back on its own, and is, according to legend, still around the Taygetian forests. Their shamans claim that if you see it in a dream, it symbolizes the blessing of the Goddess.” Polgara smiled. “Now, my Princess, it is time for you to sleep.”

“But what about Hercules? What did the Goddess do to him?”

“She showed mercy, Princess. It is an important virtue to display, and we must all be thankful for any she shows.” Polgara gestured to the bed. “Now, you must sleep.”

Grumbling only slightly, Anikka went to change into her nightgown, but continued to talk.

“Hercules committed such a foul act after, though, for the vanity of a king.” The word was said in disgust, and Polgara found herself almost tempted to agree. Anikka would not understand the full implications of the story until she was older, however.

The story of Hercules and Hippolyta warned against men who wanted an Amazon bride. There had been many cases where an Amazon might be kidnapped against their will, for the idea of an Amazon as your wife appealed to too many men. Never mind the ones who died, who found their lives forfeit. Hippolyta had died on the altar of her freedom.

But Polgara knew it was her duty to remind the princess to be careful. Royal women were even more at risk to be targeted. She found herself looking at the princess with worried eyes as the young girl stood before the bed.

“Do you think I will ever dream of the hind?” Anikka asked, in a quiet, sleepy voice.

“I think the Goddess will be watching over you no matter what, Princess Anikka.” Polgara shook herself out of her worried thoughts, and walked over to tuck the princess into her bed.

Anikka sighed with contentment, and snuggled down under her covers.

After waiting for a few moments, Polgara left the room, praying to the Goddess mentally.

Please watch over her, Goddess. She is so young, and alone. Smooth her path. Let her smile in this life.

She made her way to Molpe’s room, having been asked to attend the Queen once Anikka was asleep. This was something they did most nights, unless the Queen’s pregnancy made her too tired to receive guests or unless Septimus and she were having a private moment. Molpe’s pregnancy was, to Polgara’s knowledge, going surprisingly well, despite discomfort and the occasional craving that they could not satisfy with their resources.

“Polgara!” The queen smiled, looking up from her chessboard. “How did my sister’s lessons go today?”

“Well, we discussed Hercules, of whom she already knows, and I explained the myth of the Hind further to her. She was quite taken with the idea, of course, and I think that as your sister, she has a lot of potential already in several areas that would be very useful to the tribe.” Polgara took a deep breath. “She shows a lot of enthusiasm for stories and history, and she remembers them well. She also remembers a lot of what people say, so while currently she remembers every fight and friendship from the girls she used to know, it may become a skill when she is older.”

“You told me she enjoys stories before.” Molpe seemed to be thinking something over. “But you think she has aptitudes?”

“I do, my queen. Until she reaches womanhood, she cannot start any training, but I can continue our lessons more specifically now that I know more about her. Some children prefer natural lessons, or physical exercise, but beyond basic warrior training, I believe that these lessons will be perfect for her.”

“You do not think she will be a Warrior, though.” Molpe’s eyes focused on her.

“No, my queen. Diligence and patience beyond her interests eludes her, but she is intelligent and sharp. If it were called for, she could defend herself excellently, as she has been taught, but I do not think she could follow that path. Nor could we have her help Meda. But she blossoms in the academic lessons.”

“Perhaps we have you and your training to thank for that.” Molpe stopped being quite so focused, instead smiling. “Since we arrived here, my sister has been as a raging storm, but now you are with her, the waters are calm.”

Polgara could not stop the smile that broke over her face.

“I enjoy her company too, my queen. She is an engaging young girl, and I am sure that we will continue to get along.”

“It is good to see her so happy. I know she has sorely missed having companions.” Molpe sighed deeply, but smiled again. “Perhaps soon, I could join you two?”

“Of course, my queen!” Polgara smiled. “I was thinking of taking her over to the garden soon, and I think you would enjoy such an excursion.”

“Oh, yes. I have been meaning to check up on the garden…” Molpe smiled. “We shall go together, then. Perhaps it will be a good chance to bond with her.”

Polgara hoped so. She knew that Anikka still felt guilty about how she had behaved, but she knew also that the little princess had her pride. Still, it was an opportunity for her ward to learn, as well as the queen’s will.

The Whitmore Legacy (1.19)

So, there’s going to be a lot of aging up in this chapter, and it is the last chapter of Gen 1! It’s a been a long haul, everyone, but I’m so proud.

First, Ruby aged up into an adult cat! Here she is with a spectral Daisy, showing off her beautiful chonk.

I’ve been having Luca work on a few of his skills. First, I’ve had him build his gardening skill…

And for his Aspiration I’ve been having him work more on making candles! It feels like if you only have the Candle Making Station, the Fabricating skill is quite hard to build compared to other skills.

Like I said in my last post, it was about time for Luca to age up, so Nia baked him this STUNNING cake (nobody else can cook as well as she can, so she’s always in charge of cakes these days) which I just love.

All that remained was for the birthday boy to blow out the candles…

And…meet Luca Whitmore, Young Adult!

I updated his room to include himself and Lea now, so it’s more of a shared bedroom. He still has a desk and the statue of Daisy, and I actually really like how this looks!

As for Lea, she’s been getting along with her ‘mother-in-law’ quite well. Obviously, as I’ll be doing a vote on the forums, I don’t know yet if she’s going to be the spouse of the next generation, but either way, she seems to be settling in nicely.

(Of course, if Luca loses the poll, she’s going to have to move out with him at some point.)

She’s also been working quite hard on gathering things, and while I’ll discuss that more later, I love how like her mother she looks in this photo. Jenny, in a previous iteration, wore an outfit VERY similar to this!

Nia has also been maintaining a friendship with Alice, still, that seems to have lasted a long time for both of them. Mom friends! How cute!

Also, Noelle and Rowan went to the Festival of Snow!

I always feel like Noelle is closer to Rowan than she is to Luca, because he’s given her hats and done a lot of sibling stuff with her, whereas Luca was old enough to be doing ‘parent’ things with Noelle quite rapidly after she joined the family.

That being said, Rowan did ditch her at the Festival of Snow to go to the Romance Festival with Cali.

Side note – this is Cassandra Goth these days!

Back at the Festival of Snow, Noelle was playing with the other kids. Here’s Colt Lothario…(the youngest Lothario boy)

And I believe this girl is Alexander Goth’s daughter, although I don’t remember her name.

She also got a capsule from Yamachan!

I seriously love the Festivals in Snowy Escape, they’re always so much fun! Noelle had a great time there.

As for Lea, I’d once again sent her to the Magical Realm on her day off, so she could gather some magical items and spend some more money in Casters’ Alley. I love how beautiful the gardens are there!

She ended up spending a fair amount of money in Casters’ Alley on wands, spellbooks, and potion ingredients.

She also challenged someone to a duel…

…And lost. Ouch.

One thing she did buy, however, was this Morcibus! Yay, collection! And of course, her two spare wands are now sitting here in the spare room/collection room.

She got to work studying the only spellbook that was on her level…

And I decided to treat her to a cauldron. Hey, they can always take it with them later if needs be!

She went back to the Magical Realm again, and won a duel! Yay! This gave her a duplicate of her wand, so we were able to sell it on for a good amount of money.

She also lost another duel, too, but applied for magical training, because we often lose to this woman.

And now…the final cake. I went with a blue confetti cake, because for a blue themed legacy, it seemed appropriate, and also, the black and white cakes are the only fancy cakes Nia can make.

Noelle blew out the candles…

And aged up.

Introducing Miss Noelle Whitmore, teenager and contender for the role of Legacy Heir.

I’ll be posting the poll on the forums, but I can’t believe the focus is going to shift like this.

I’m definitely going to be looking forward to where Gen 2 takes us!

The Whitmore Legacy (1.18)

Starting this off with Luca and Lea news, as I always seem to do these days…They’re officially dating now!

I also got this shot of Lea that was just too pretty not to share. (Rowan knitted that, by the way, and I thought it fit nicely with the theme of the house.)

Unfortunately, something very sad happened soon after. Cali was the only one at home at the time (apparently school just is not a thing for her), but Daisy passed away.

Cali was distraught, and cried in front of Grim, who probably felt like the worst reaper in the world.

So, that table in the portrait room now houses Daisy’s remains. I was actually pretty upset about this, but it seems fitting that her final resting place is our indoor garden.

However, I’d already been thinking about getting a kitten, because I knew Daisy was getting older, so I decided to get the adoption process going. The house did not feel right without Daisy.

Meet Ruby, our new kitten. I wish she’d gotten to know Daisy, but as the game wouldn’t have it, she got introduced to the house on her own.

She’s so TINY.

We finalised the adoption, and Ruby is now the proud owner of several Sims! That’s how it works, right? Cats totally own people.

I’m still pretty sad about Daisy, though. She was a stray who definitely chose us, and I wish we’d gotten more pictures to remember her by. Nia went to mourn her, and I wished I could give her a hug.

Ruby seems to be settling in nicely, though, because she came and sat with Rowan while he was knitting. That’s adorable, in my opinion…

Ruby is also not the only new addition to the household. As I have a plan for everyone to have ‘spouses’, I’ve moved in Lea, who, quite obviously, is a Spellcaster.

This was a day or so before Luca was due to Age Up, and Lea had aged up to Young Adult already. Apparently this happens whenever I blink, but hey, that’s the way it goes.

I made Noelle’s old bedroom (the collection room) into a spare bedroom for her. I tried to theme it to her.

Lea is honestly quite dear to my heart. I mean, she was initially supposed to just be the child of Morgyn and Jenny Proserpin, who some of you might remember from several of my games. Jenny was the first ever Sim I created, and along with Nia is a close personal favorite.

As I now could, I sent her off to the Magic Realm to explore it a bit. I’ve not really done that much before, and I was very pleasantly surprised. (By the way, that’s Grace Anansi, I think!)

I sent Lea off to Casters’ Alley, and she purchased some bits and pieces including a wand and a familiar. She also had this book, but it’s too high a level for her.

This is her familiar, Psood! It’s a nickname that my friend gave her pseudodragon in Dungeons and Dragons, so I couldn’t not name this boy Psood.

She also fought a duel, as a matter of course…

But failed miserably.

After that, she had to head back home, where the collection had grown slightly (we found Leaf!)

However, Lea continued practicing her magic in Luca’s bedroom.

Then, her brother, Royce (who’s still a teenager) challenged her to a duel over text. Welp, guess it was time for a sibling showdown!

Wands at the ready…

And yep, Royce lost pretty quickly.

Lea actually flung him up in the air, and then had the audacity to look this concerned when he hit the ground.

After that, she was late for work, so she had to head off (she’s a late night Fry Cook) and it was back home to…Daisy!

Yup, our girl is sticking around, it seems! She’s haunting the bin and her food bowl, but honestly, I was just so happy to see her again. I love that pets can be ghosts.

Stay tuned for next time!

The Whitmore Legacy (1.17)

So, after their last date, Luca and Lea were pretty okay with each other, and when Lea invited him to hang out, Luca went along with it. He probably should not have, because it was a disaster.

First, Trevon Lothario crashed their hangout.

After he did so, Lea just wasn’t feeling it, and the rain made her Uncomfortable and their hangout tanked really badly. Argh! Teen romances aren’t any easier in the Sims than in real life.

I got a pop up the next day about the Festival of Youth, and decided to send Noelle. There were a ton of faces to recognise while I was there, so I got quite a few pictures.

First, the vendor was a certain Nina Caliente, who (just for your information) is now married to Maurice, one of my Gallery Sims. They have a couple of kids, too!

Next, Don Lothario showed up after Noelle got her Ice Cream Crepe, which is so cute, I think it’s like a little Yamachan? How adorable is that?

She ended up eating it while chatting to this little girl, though I’ve forgotten her name. Noelle made a few friends while she was at the festival!

Lillian Feng also showed up to the festival (Victor and Lily’s daughter…)

Along with two very sad people – Cynthia Caliente and Colt Lothario! I thought it was a glitch they were both sad at first, but it turns out that Katrina has died, so they’ve both lost their grandmother.

I did get Noelle to wear a paper kabuto, along with getting two Simmi capsules – we got normal and Gold Jasmine Holiday, although Rowan had to come and shake the machine for her.

Speaking of Rowan, he and Cali Chauhan hung out at the house and are now officially dating!

They seem to get along really well, too! She’s really nice and they’re just so cute together!

Both she and Lea have been given Residence Keys, and to boot, Cali seems to get along very well with Nia!

Also, I found out Lea has the Childish trait, because I occasionally find her playing with Noelle’s toys, which is pretty cute.

The above was taken in Noelle’s old room, however, as I’ve now done as I said I would and moved Noelle upstairs! Her room upstairs is HUGE. I didn’t have to cram everything in at all, because everything just fits!

Then, it was just a few touches of personalization…

And we were done!

We also found DJ Candy, so she’s on the shelf along with the rest of the MySims! I really cannot wait to complete this collection.

Ritvik came haunting back, angry for some reason, so I sent Nia to talk to him and to try and get him to calm down. Ghosts break so many things…

Luckily, Cali autonomously does good things like cleaning the sink, which I was so pleased to discover!

Also, Nia, I’d make that face too if my bills were that high. The cost of the house looking this nice is not cheap.

However, this is the face she made upon getting a promotion! Yep, our style queen is now a bit higher on the ladder, and making more per hour than before.

So on that happy note, I’m going to end this update, because the next one is going to have a lot of news. We are (in game terms) nearing the end of Gen 1, because pretty soon Noelle is going to be a teenager and the polls will open for the Gen 2 heir!

Daughters of Hesperia – Adjusting (1.9)

Meda took a deep breath as she looked out over the garden. It had taken quite a while to build this space, but it had definitely been worth it, though she would have preferred to have been working with some apprentices, as she was used to doing back on the Isle. Still, Molpe had arranged that she could have slaves in this separate compound, and Lukos and Perseus were both very helpful.

She knelt, her mind absently running over how she had arrived here, in this place, as a lone Gatherer.

From a young age, Meda had been left with the Gatherers while her mother worked with the bees. Phoebe had been firmly of the opinion that she would not allow her daughter near the bees until she was ready, because if Meda were to be stung, it would be doubly bad – the hive would lose workers, and Meda might develop a fear of the creatures.

The other northern gatherers had instead done their best to school the thoughtful, quiet child they had been left with, along with their own daughters. Phoebe was one of four de facto leaders, each in charge of the hives at a different point on the island. Each of the other leaders seemed to have multiple children, but Phoebe only had Meda.

Eventually, when the gatherers had come to the conclusion that the girl was ready, Meda had been carefully introduced to the hives, and taught everything around them that was capable. Her mother was proud of her, and eventually, she had become a Gatherer herself, helping in the gardens, mixing up treatments for any troubled hive, and doing her best to be an asset.

But when Polgara came to the Gatherers, stating that the tribe she was headed to did not have a Gatherer, things had changed. All the youngest Gatherers had been rounded up, and Polgara asked if any of them wished to journey with her. Meda and a few others had stepped forward, and from them, Polgara had chosen Meda and taken her to meet Queen Clodia, mother to Queen Molpe.

All this, Meda remembered quietly, while behind the fence the two slaves began talking idly.

“Do you think the queen will have a daughter?” Perseus asked, while Lukos smiled.

Both were good-natured men, who had been introduced to the tribe. Perseus was talkative, although Meda knew he was not Amazon born. He and Lukos had both arrived into port at the same time, on different ships, and Polgara had picked them out personally.

Lukos was more thoughtful, more quiet. He was a tribal son, and had arrived on the Taygetian ship that sometimes came by that port. He had gently taught Perseus what he needed to know, and through patience, Meda knew more about both of them now than she had when they had helped her set up the beginnings of this garden.

Perseus’ mother had been a concubine, and had the misfortune to bear a boy when the wife of her master had done so. The idea of a political rival to her son had enraged the wife, and so both Perseus and his mother had been tossed aside. Perseus had been raised as a servant to his brother, until he was old enough to be sold.

He was saddened by this, of course, but the new freedoms of his life seemed to cheer him greatly, though he seemed a little taken aback by the idea of dying once an Amazon had a child.

Lukos, on the other hand, was the son of a Scholar. His tribe was a smaller one than the Isle, but larger than Hesperia, though he did not often talk about it. His mother had been a distant figure to him, one he barely saw. Instead, he had lived with the slaves from a very young age.

“Meda, what do you think?” Perseus shouted. “Lukos will not answer me!”

In a rare show of amusement, she smiled warmly at the two of them.

“For good reason. We do not yet know whether the queen will bear an Heiress, and we must be patient, Perseus.”

He gave her a reproachful, boyish look, but she simply smiled at him again.

“Any baby will be a blessing on the tribe, and one we thank Hera for. It is she who watches over the queen, not us.” She gestured to him. “Come, Perseus. I need some assistance with the newest plants. This sun dries them out so quickly.”

He climbed over the fence, startling a laugh from her, while Lukos shook his head.

“My lady…” he said, and Meda sighed.

“I will attend to it, Lukos. Will you go fetch some fish for our dinner?”

“Meda, is something the matter?” That winning smile was on his face again, but Meda knew she had to address this.

“Perseus, your manners are fine by me, but they will not be so by the queen. I know that your freedoms here are wonderful…but if you address the queen so casually, or act so in front of her…or even Polgara!” Meda sighed in exasperation. “You must learn not to be so bold in front of us. We are not the women you are used to. We will not wear courtly dresses, or be married off, or married at all. Our civilisation is one that is quite different to the one you knew, and now you are part of it.”

Though her tone remained light, her face was worried, and even Perseus knew she was serious.

“I…Well, it…” He felt tongue-tied.

Meda was sometimes very disconcerting to Perseus. She was, of course, quite right. He was not used to women like them, and when he had been told that he would be assisting her along with Lukos, he had been quite at ease with it.

But were the queen to see him acting like that, it could be trouble for everyone. He did mean well, but sometimes he crossed into insolence.

What are you, a boy trying to get attention?

“I would never act like this in front of the queen,” he said, instead.

“And how can I accept that? You act like this so often.”

“Well…I cannot be Lukos, Meda! I was not born into this. I have not known this all my life.” He huffed.

“You act as though I have slighted you, Perseus. Is something wrong?”

He swore she knew more than she was letting on, and he let out a sigh.

“I feel as though you prefer him, sometimes.” He felt embarrassed admitting it. “He seems to receive your attentions more often.”

“You really do have much to learn.” Her blue eyes landed on him. “For you, this may seem strange, but my giving orders or speaking to you is not attention. It is merely performing my role as a Gatherer and as a warrior. You, on the other hand, must learn what is and is not attention.” She sighed, before continuing. “You are used to a reciprocal society, or perhaps a reversed one, where you perform and wait for the reciprocation from a woman, am I correct?”

He felt flustered, but nodded.

“Here, it is very different. We will choose you by declaring our intent. We do not go for something so weak as attention. We are not birds, to fluff and perform and hope in such a manner. We are a different breed of creature, and you are no longer a bird.” She paused, waiting for him to catch on, but he stared at her blankly, so she smiled.

“You may stop peacocking.”

How could she fluster a man so?

“But then…how do I…” He must have been as red as he felt, for she laughed.

“You do not. I might, if I felt like it, or indeed as you worry, I might decide upon Lukos. But you do not have to worry about performing like that! Have you never found it silly, or unnecessary?”

“It can be fun!” He found himself protesting.

“But if it is mandatory, can it really be so entertaining? I want you to relax, Perseus. You will know when a woman is interested in you, I promise. So do not worry that I am paying attentions or anything of the like, and simply focus on what is important. Our roles here are like that of the bees.” She did not seem to mind that he was so flustered, but pointed to the hive. “We work hard for the sake of our queen. That is crucial at this time. We will provide food for the children to come.”

The idea that he had been so transparent made him feel embarrassed. Yet Meda did not seem to mind, though he knew others might have.

“I understand…my lady.”

“I have a compromise. Call me Gatherer Meda.” She gave an awkward smile. “That is technically my title, but like you say, you are not Lukos. I do not wish you to be, either. You must simply keep in mind what I have told you.”

After Perseus walked away, Meda tried not to sigh too loudly. Perseus had brought up, unwittingly, a fact that she had not yet faced. As part of a small tribe, she would at some point need to bear a child, and it would likely be the child of one of the slaves who she spent her days. It could not be Pallas, as she did not find herself attached to his company.

She would, at some point, need to choose. But for now, it was important to maintain the garden, and hope for the best when it came to Queen Molpe and her child.

The Whitmore Legacy (1.16)

So to kick things off, Rowan has the Lord of the Knits aspiration, and has been working very hard on that. I’ve got to wait until all three are teenagers or older to cast a vote, so while Noelle enjoys her childhood, Rowan and Luca get to work on their Aspirations!

I gave in and splashed out on a Rocking Chair for him, and I think it looks pretty cool, I’m not gonna lie.

Noelle invited an NPC from school to come over (I forget her name, but she behaved terribly and smashed up Rowan’s school project and he had to start again.)

Lea invited Luca on a date, too, which he gladly accepted, and they ended up at a bar very briefly. Lea, NO.

Despite this, they had a fun time, I think. They’re not Dating, but they’re having a fun time together.

Unfortunately, what I was dreading happened pretty soon after this happy occasion.

Ritvik died the next day, just before Love Day. He was even still in his work uniform.

The whole family discovered the body, too, which was very traumatic, especially for Nia. As she has the Soulmate Aspiration, she got the Widow Moodlet, and is absolutely grieving still.

So, very unfortunately, the first spouse of the legacy has passed away. Rest in peace, Ritvik…

We’ve created a graveyard out back, and Ritvik now lays peacefully within it.

After this, no one was really in a good mood. Luca got some recycling done…

Daisy had to go back to the vet…

And Rowan and Nia went to the Festival of Spice with Cali, who’s also a teenager now. They didn’t have a wonderful time, though, as they were both pretty down about the whole ‘Ritvik’s Dead’ thing.

I even got a screenshot of most of the family feeling extremely sad. They’re really going to miss having Ritvik around…My heart really breaks for Noelle, because she’s so young, but she’s already lost her dad.

Nia did complete the project for Rowan, though, while he was asleep. She’s such a good mom! It turned out super well, and she looks so proud, too!

But…as it turns out, he’s not exactly gone, it just took him a little while to materialise. He opened the gates of the cemetery and floated through into Luca’s bedroom.

You know I absolutely woke up his wife so she could see him again! He perked up pretty quickly after that.

Apparently, he perked up so much he decided that the best thing to do would be haunt the sink he died next to…

And break it. Yeah, thanks for that, buddy.

Rowan was awake at this point, and got to see his dad, so they hung out while Ritvik ate a sandwich (how do ghosts even digest food? They apparently do, somehow?)

Also, see those stairs behind them? I blew most of our money on getting an upstairs! I figure that we deserve a second floor building round about now, and I’m thinking that I should make the first room into a bedroom for Noelle, but at the moment that’s just a theory. It’s a construction in progress, though!

So, I guess our lot is both bigger and haunted, now! Hopefully Noelle will get to hang out with her Ghost Dad before long, because she was sleeping at the time he was around.

Knowing the Heir Poll will be coming soon is kind of thrilling and saddening, though. I’ve checked the calendar, and Luca will be a Young Adult by the time Noelle reaches Teenager, and Rowan will age up two days after Noelle does. If Noelle is picked as the Heir, Gen 2 will start while she’s a teenager, but it will start.